Our Mission / Our Values

While keeping a global vision and an innovative mind, SCS Canada establishes relationships based on trust and equity to offer high quality customer services that show honesty, integrity and transparency.



Provides our clients with products and services that meet their specific fire protection needs―to save lives and property!



CUSTOMER ORIENTED - Maintain customer relations in a position of trust based on the principles of honesty, integrity and tranparency.


TEAMWORK - Be open and inclusive when interacting with customers and be solution-oriented.


INNOVATION - Seek opportunities in the work environment to share creative ideas and knowledge in view of implementing value-added improvements.


PEOPLE ORIENTED - Establish relationshps of trust and fairness by adopting a human and respectful approach and by being transparent.


GLOBAL VISION - Seek to establish ties between complete customer satisfaction, work to be performed and the company's focus to remain focused on the big picture.