Our Suppliers, Key Partners

SCS Canada draws on the services of several renowned suppliers. Maintaining a relationship of trust and respect with each of them is a priority for the company. Here is a brief overview of our key partners.


A supplier to SCS Canada since day one. Viking Corporation offers a wide range of sprinklers, valves and components of fire protection systems. Viking Corporation is an industry pioneer that actively pursues research and development in order to better meet the needs of our industry. Supplier of Viking Plastics (BlazeMaster) as well as sprinklers and valves, this partner offers one of the most complete product lines in the industry.

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A 20-year strong partnership. Tolco started to provide seismic bracing before standards on this subject even existed. Their customer focus as well as their commitment to meet the needs of this very special market have made this California-based organization a benchmark for the industry.

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Pionner in advanced integrated fire protection systems, FireFLex Systems has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative integrated systems that set the benchmark not just for water-based, but also for clean agents and FIREFLEX's unique compressed air foam system. SCS Canada is the exclusive distributor for FireFlex Systems in the province of Quebec.

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Another partner who has been with us since our beginnings. This century-old company provides quality fire sprinkler monitoring products. With their very high quality standards, Potter is a partner of choice for our organization.

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Wilson & Cousins offers a complete range of hoses, cabinets, valves and adapters. Their products are available with most of the threads found in the Canadian market (QST, CSA, WCT, BCT, NSST, etc.).

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Another of our long-standing partners. Protectowire is a world leader in linear detection (cable). Their products cover a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

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