Viking's XT1 Sprinklers


We are pleased to confirm the addition of Viking Corp's new "XT1" sprinkler platform to our service offering. This new sprinkler format offers several improvements including:

     -  Compact design allowing installation in tight spaces.

     -  Corrosion resistant stainless steel deflector.

     -  Laser etching for easy identification

     -  The "XT1" seat assembly includes an innovative hinge feature to help prevent the sprinkler components from lodging in the deflector upon activation.

     -  Integrated seat and seal assembly are Teflon® sealed, protecting the Bellville spring against corrosion.

     -  Sturdy and low-profile protective guard and "clip-on" type water shield.

     -  Choice of sprinkler wrenches with hexagonal base for easy installation.

     -  FM approval for use on vacuum sprinkler systems (Fireflex VACTEC).


The creation of this new sprinkler platform represents a direct equivalent to models VK100, VK102, VK200, VK202, VK300, VK302, VK350 and VK352, available in the same finishes and temperatures. These models are still available for now, but will eventually be replaced by the "XT1" version. We will keep you informed of the different stages throughout the year.


You will find the "XT1" models in the "Standard" and "Quick Response" subcategories of our website:


For further info, we invite you to consult the following links on the manufacturer's website:





Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales or customer service department with any questions