Viking's XT1 Sprinklers (WBE Version)

SCS has been offering the Viking "XT1" sprinkler platform for over two years now and the benefits of this new format are greatly appreciated. Always wanting to offer the best products on the market, the Viking Corporation has adjusted the hexagonal shape of this model. A wider grip of the sprinkler base allows easier and faster installation. The XT1 model numbers (VK1001, VK3021…) remain unchanged. But in order to ensure inventory control and a smooth transition between the two versions, we have created a new set of product codes. New wrenches and new shields have also been created to accompany this new base. NP-1 escutcheons are not affected by this change.


Over the past few months, we have proceded with the migration of our inventory toward the "WBE" version (Wrench Box Enhancement). 


                                              WBE VERSION:                                                                     ORIGINAL VERSION :

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* IMPORTANT * As expected, the manufacturer has confirmed the end of production of earlier models called "Legacy" (VK100, VK102, VK200, VK202, VK300, VK302, VK350 and VK352). If you have projects underway using these models, it is important to notify us in order to validate availability. Unless otherwise specified, all new orders will be confirmed with the new "WBE" version.