Viking's new Attic Sprinkler Line

Viking's new attic sprinkler line allows for a more cost effective protection of attic spaces, compared to standard spray sprinklers. This new line includes V-BB (Back to Back) V-SD (Single Directional) and VK696 Upright Attic Sprinklers, which are all cULus Listed for both wet and dry pipe systems in combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces. They can be installed with steel or CPVC piping. These Attic Sprinklers are a glass bulb design with a temperature rating of 200°F, and are offered in either standard brass or ENT plating, for areas subject to corrosion.

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Advantages and features:


  • Viking attic sprinklers are UL listed for both wet and dry pipe systems, and can be installed with steel or CPVC piping (CPVC is allowed on wet pipe systems only).


  • Attic sprinklers are Listed for specific roof pitches, or slopes.


  • Up to 60ft of roof span protection (V-BB 8.0K)


  • Compared to using standard spray sprinklers to protect an attic, Specific Application Attic Sprinklers provide the following advantages:


- Far fewer sprinklers are required to protect attics.


- The system can be installed with fewer branch lines, saving on both the cost of the branch line piping material and installation labor.


- Less water use than standard spray sprinklers.




Further information can be found at the following link: