New VK514 K28 ESFR pendent storage sprinkler

Viking Corporation has announced the availability of its new Model VK514 specific application ESFR pendent sprinkler. This new UL Listed sprinkler provides ceiling-only protection for storage up to 43 ft (13,1 m) in warehouses with ceilings as high as 48 ft (14,6 m), without the use of in-rack sprinklers.

The Model VK514 has a larger K Factor of 28.0 (404), which results in a lower pressure requirement of 35 psi (2,4 bar). The reduced water demand for the sprinkler system may allow for smaller pipe sizes and possibly eliminate the need for a fire pump. Additionally, the new K28 ESFR pendent is UL Listed for aisle widths as narrow as 6 ft (1,8 m). The result is a truly innovative sprinkler that provides for greater racking flexibility, higher building heights, and a more cost-effective sprinkler system overall.

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