N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System

Recipient of the coveted NACE Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award and brought to you by the leaders in nitrogen generation technology, the N2-Blast - Corrosion Inhibiting System generates and introduces up to 99.9995% pure Nitrogen into the Dry or Pre-action Fire Protection System.  In doing so, Oxygen, a key contributor to the corrosion reaction, is displaced from the piping through the AutoPurge System™. The N2-Blast effectively inhibits Electrochemical, Galvanic and Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), as well as freeze-ups and ice plugs.

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Advantages  :

• Inhibits corrosion with 98%+ pure Nitrogen               

• Limits the liability of early pipe replacement

• Protects installation & increases customer loyalty

• Easily integrates into new or pre-existing FPS

• Simple and inexpensive to maintain

• UL 508A listed Industrial Control Panel

• Best value in Nitrogen Generation Technology


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