FM approved VK598 standard response upright storage sprinkler

The Viking Corporation has announced the availability of its new Model VK598 Standard Response Upright Sprinkler. This new FM Approved storage sprinkler has a K-factor of 25.2 (363) and is approved for use in both dry and pre-action sprinkler systems. In these applications, the VK598 is approved to protect Class I-III commodities with storage heights of up to 40 ft (12,2 m) in warehouses as high as 45 ft (13,7 m), without the need for additional in-rack sprinkler protection. 


By eliminating in-rack sprinklers, the new VK598 can significantly reduce overall system costs, increase racking flexibility, and lower the potential risk of damage to the system by warehouse operators. Furthermore, with its higher K-factor, the new K25 upright sprinkler provides for a lower overall starting pressure when compared to other protection options.

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