Corrosion Resistant Finishes for Sprinklers, Escutcheons and Cover Plates


Corrosion resistant sprinklers are designed to resist exterior elements that attack a standard brass sprinkler. They may have a coating or may be constructed of a corrosion resistant material. ENT sprinklers are good choices for such as food and pharmaceutical processing, food service areas, industrial wash down areas, chemical processing environments, parking garages, mezzanines, balconies, saunas, locker rooms and many other corrosive environments, particularly those near the ocean. The ENT plating resists scratching, chipping and flaking, and is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for decorative applications. The level of corrosion resistance required is determined by the conditions that a sprinkler would experience during its installed lifetime in a corrosive environment. 


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For quite some time, The Viking Corporation have offered FM Approved and cULus Listed corrosion-resistant ENT plating for various sprinklers and have recently added the finish on these eight additional models:

  • VK118 Micromatic® Standard Response Conventional K5.6VK310 Microfast® Quick Response Conventional K5.6 
  • VK120 Micromatic® Standard Response Conventional K8.0
  • VK354 Microfast® Quick Response Conventional K8.0
  • VK122 Micromatic® HP Standard Response Pendent High Pressure K5.6
  • VK124 Micromatic® HP Standard Response Upright High Pressure K5.6
  • VK315 Microfast® HP Quick Response Upright High Pressure K5.6
  • VK317 Microfast® HP Quick Response Pendent High Pressure k5.6 

Technical datasheets and the ENT Sprinkler marketing flyer can be found at:



Stainless Steel Cover Plates                                      

In addition to ENT plating on selected sprinkler escutcheons, The Viking Corporation has enhanced its leading line of concealed pendent sprinklers with the introduction of new stainless steel cover plates. The new stainless steel flat cover plates are available, as well as UL Listed and FM approved for Viking’s Mirage® Model VK462 and FM listed for Model VK538 Concealed Pendent sprinklers and the Freedom® Model VK494 Residential Concealed Pendent sprinkler. Both large (3-5/16”) and small (2-3/4”) diameter cover plates are offered in stainless steel. The new stainless steel cover plates can be used with standard brass models. However, combining them with ENT plated concealed sprinklers provides an even higher level of overall resistance to corrosion. This assembly is well-suited for many applications where corrosion is a possible concern and sprinkler system installations near the ocean.

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